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About Us

APPELLO PRESS was established in 2012 as the means in which to self-publish my own book 'Elvis & Ireland', and to continue as a publishing house in support of young, aspiring Irish writers. My own book was followed by the first submission, 'Photons' by Peter Donnelly, which was published in 2014. Since then, Appello Press has diverted the business to act as a facilitator for authors with aspirations of self-publishing and making their dream of seeing their own work in print a reality.

-Ivor Casey (Manager)

Our Publications

Elvis & Ireland

Elvis and Ireland Cover

Elvis and Ireland is the “Irish Biography” of Elvis Presley. It is the detailed story of Elvis Presley’s life and career, combined with a timeline of events in Irish popular culture and the social changes brought on by his unique brand of rock ‘n’ roll. What you will find here is just about everything to do with Elvis and his links with Ireland including anecdotes, entertaining trivia on Elvis’s connection with Ireland, his Irish chart successes, as well as areas of censorship.


Photons Cover

This first collection by a young prize-winning poet is well-named: Photons sheds fresh light on a wide spectrum of human experience in verses of striking originality and technical assurance that look back to John Donne and his contemporaries, and engage with the spirits of Modernism. The volume includes a fine translation of a Canto from Inferno that renders Dante’s bleak, dramatic vision alive in contemporary English that remains true to the spirit and form of the original Italian. In all, Photons fulfils the Romantic ambition for poetry to illuminate the ordinary and celebrate the wonder of the everyday.

Publish With Us

Have you always had an idea for a fiction novel or are you a poet who would love to see your works published as a collection in official print form? With Appello Press you can finally see your literary aspirations become a reality. Our services can help you finally fulfil your dream of having your work and name out in the open for the world to read and see. Or maybe you just want to leave something for posterity for your family, friends and future generations to remember?. Whatever your wish or intention Appello Press can provide you with the opportunity to publish your creative endeavours. The following is an outline of the services we provide:

Professional Formatting, Design and Layout of text
  • Professional Original Cover Design
  • 3 X Consultations
  • Full Colour Cover
  • Gloss or Matt Cover finish
  • White or Cream paper interior
  • Paperback
  • Assignment of ISBN (listed with Nielsen UK&Ireland)
  • A Proof copy (sent to you prior to final print)
  • Package Prices begin at €1,300 for books up to 250 pages in length, including all above services. This price also includes delivery of 100 Paperback copies. A €300 Deposit is required in advance.

Any further costs will only be assigned for services beyond what is already outlined such as a further editing and four or more consultations.

Unfortunately we cannot offer our services to every author who submits a manuscript due to demand or time restraints.

At your request Appello Press can have your book made available for sale on Amazon USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, for which the author will receive a royalty payment of 10% of the RRP. Other than Amazon, Appello Press cannot assist in having your book stocked with any wholesalers or bookshops.

As the author, you will retain full copyright of your work.

Digital Marketing

At Appello Press we can help promote your product and services by bringing them to public attention through online platforms. As part of a digital marketing package we can produce high quality photographs of your product and business for showcasing on the internet, as well providing news, details, descriptions and reviews to keep potential clients and customers up to date with whatever it is you have to offer.

  • Taking Photographs of Products or Photographs relating to your service
  • Editing Photographs
  • Uploading Photographs with descriptions
  • Maintaining Client website
  • Creating & Maintaining Social Media accounts:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
    • Tumblr
    • DeviantArt
    • Instagram
    • Blogspot